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          I was born and raised in Ukraine. I moved to the States at the age of 12 to attend boarding schools on the East Coast. I got my High School Diploma majoring in Moving Pictures from Idyllwild Arts Academy, a pre-professional Arts High School in California. I graduated in 2013 from New York Film Academy with Bachelors of Fine Arts in Filmmaking. In 2016 launched Locations Database website, currently exclusively managing 800 locations around Southern California. 

         I have Line Produced/PM/Location Managed 100+ productions that range in various budgets, formats and I have been fortunate to work with some of the most talented and creative people in the industry that have given me the experience needed to do almost any job with excellence. 


- Corporate Organization set up (LLC, INC.)

- Script Breakdown

- Scheduling, Budgeting/Payroll Union & Non-Union $100,000 - $30,000,000

(Movie Magic, Hot Budget, StudioBinder) 

- SAG/AFTRA Signatory set up/cast deal memos, contracts 

- Hiring/Coordinating Crew all departments  (contacts/deal memos)

- Location Scouting/Managing/Permitting 

- Coordinating equipment rentals, travel logistics (domestic and internationally)

- On-site production needs, insurance

- Review, approve and submit expense reports, credit card reconciliations, and invoices 

- Pre-Production, Production, Post Production supervision 

Whatever you need in pre-production, production and post - I gotcha ya!

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